Discharge from the Hospital (Chapter 20)

Learning Objectives

After completion of this chapter the participant should be able to:

Planning of discharge from the hospital is as important as diagnosis and treatment. The NYI has to remain in hospital while receiving oxygen for respiratory instability, IV treatment, if feeding has not been established, or body temperature cannot be maintained.

Indications for Discharge

Counsel the mother on:

Providing Follow-Up Care

Record Keeping

Key Facts for Providers:
  • Know the indications for discharge and ensure that the patient qualifies.
    • Patient stable and has improved.
    • Baby gaining weight for three (3) consecutive days.
    • Established lactation in a mother.
    • Ability to breastfeed or cup feed satisfactorily.
  • Counsel mother on diagnosis, follow-up plan, feeding, and immunisation.
  • Document clearly what has been done, results of tests and follow-up plan.