NYI stabilization, referral and transfer

Learning objectives

After completion of this session the participant should be able to:

If the baby needs to be transferred to a special care neonatal unit, ensure a safe and timely transfer. It is important to prepare the baby for transfer, communicate with the receiving facility, and provide care during transfer.

Indications of transfer from district to tertiary neonatal care unit

Components of neonatal transport


Make careful assessment of the baby. Make sure that there is a genuine indication for referral.
Ideally discuss with the referral centre as in some cases there may be no benefit from transferring.

Stabilize the neonate

Stabilize with respect to temperature, airway, breathing, circulation and blood sugar. Give the first dose of antibiotics.

Write a note

Write a precise note for the providers at the referral facility providing details of the baby’s condition, results of investigations, reasons for referral and treatment given to the baby. Explain the need for referral and mother should come with the baby

Send ALL x-rays and investigations with the infant.

Pathway referral

Step 1: Determine the indication to transport the baby to a higher health facility;

Step II: Preparation for baby

Step II: Prepare for transport

Step IV: Care during transport

Step V: Feedback by tertiary hospital

Communicate with team at referral hospital and inform them: