Formulary: Paediatric Drug Doses

This list is not exhaustive. For NEONATAL DOSES see neonatology chapter
Consult appropriate reference for more details.

Acyclovir PO < 2yrs: 100 mg
> 2yrs: 200 mg
5 Give for 5 days for Herpes simplex treatment
IV 10mg/kg/dose TDS Immunocompromised IV for 1 week
Adrenaline IV 0.1ml/kg of 1:10000 For shock, CPR etc.
NEB 1-2mls of 1:1000 (pur) For acute sever upper airway obstruction
IM 0.01 ml/kg of 1:1000 For anaphylactic shock
Albendazole PO <2 yrs 200mg
>2 yrs 400mg
STAT Before food. Treatment may be repeated in 3 weeks.
Amikacin IV 15 mg/kg OD
Amitriptyline PO 0.2-0.5 mg/kg
(max 25 mg)
OD Give at night, for neuropathic pain
Aminophylline IV Loading dose: 5 mg/kg (max 500 mg) over 20 min
Maintenance dose: 1 mg/kg/h continuous infusion
severe acute asthma for preparation
PO Loading dose: 6 mg/kg
Maintenance dose: 2.5 mg/kg
BD Respiratory stimulants ( Neonatology chapter)
Amoxicillin PO 15 mg/kg TDS
For pneumonia 30 mg/kg BD
Amoxicillin+Clavulanic acid PO <1 yr: 20 mg/kg daily in three divided doses TDS
1–6 yrs: 125 mg
6–12 yrs: 250 mg
> 12 yrs: 250 mg
Artesunate IV < 20 kg: 3 mg/kg
> 20 kg: 2.4 mg/kg
At 0, 12, 24 hours and then every 24 hours for up to 3 days. Switch to LA as soon as patient able to take oral meds
Atenolol PO 0.5-2 mg/kg OD Hypertension
Atropine IV/IM Organophosphate poisoning
Azithromycin PO 10 mg/kg (max 500 mg) OD For atypical pneumonia. Treat for 3 days
15 mg/kg (max 1000 mg) on the first day, then 10 mg/kg (max 500 mg) for 4 days For dysentery
20 mg/kg (max 1000 mg) For cholera. Single dose
Baclofen PO 1 (-2) mg/kg TDS For spastic form of CP
Benzathine penicillin IM Syphilis neonate: 50,000 u/kg (max 2.4 MU) STAT Also primary, secondary, or early latent (<1 year duration) Syphilis
Streptococcal prophylaxis:
0.6MU < 30kg
1.2MU > 30kg
Monthly dose for rheumatic fever and sickle cell
Benzylpenicillin IM/IV 50,000 u/kg QID For pneumonia
100,000 u/kg 6 For meningitis
Calcium gluconate IV Hypocalcaemia
Carbamazepin PO 10-15mg/kg BD needs tapering in, start with 7.5mg/kg BD, increase in second week
Captopril PO 0.1 mg/kg (max 6 mg/kg/day) BD/TDS
Ceftriaxone IV Meningitis, Salmonella infection: 100 mg/kg (max 2g/d)
Other infections 50 mg/kg
OD Salmonella infection 10 - 14 days
Chlorphenamine PO 1m-2yrs: 1 mg
2-6 yrs: 1 mg
6-12 yrs: 2 mg
12-18 yrs: 4 mg
Ciprofloxacine PO 10-15 mg/kg
(max 500 mg)
BD Salmonella infection: 7-10 days
Codeine phosphate PO 0.5-1 mg/kg
(max 240
Cotrimoxazole (Trimethoprim/ sulphamethoxazole) PO 80 mg/kg (max 1920 mg - 4 x 480mg tablets) TDS For PCP treatment (give 21 days)
For PCP-prophylaxis CPT
Dexamethasone PO, IV Croup, Asthma: 0.6 mg/kg STAT
Cerebral edema: Loading dose: 1 to 2 mg/kg/dose stat, than maintenance: 1 to 1.5 mg/kg/d in 4-6 divided doses, max 16 mg/d 4-6
Diazepam PR 0.5mg/kg STAT Convulsion. For sedation half dose
CAVE resp. depression
IV 0.25mg/kg
Digoxin (no digitalization, start with maintanance dose) PO 2-5 yrs = 10mcg/kg
5-10 yrs = 6mcg/kg
>10 yrs = 250-750 mcg
OD Always discuss with seniors prior to administration
Enalapril PO start with 2.5 mg OD in children 20-50kg (max 20 mg/day) OD-BD
Ferrous Sulphate PO 3-6 kg: 1ml syrup
6-10 kg: 1.25 ml syrup
10-15 kg: 2 ml syrup or ½ tab
15-20 kg: 2.5 ml syrup or ½ tab
>20 kg: 4 ml syrup or 1 tab
OD Give for 14 days
Anaemia and Malaria
Doses calculated for: Iron syrup: Ferrous fumarate 100mg/5ml, Iron Tab: 200mg.
Flucloxacillin IV/IM 25-50 mg/kg 4
Fluconazole PO 3-6 mg/kg OD Oesophageal candida
12mg/kg for 2 weeks then 6mg/kg for life Cryptococcal meninigitis
Folic acid PO <2: 2.5mg
>2: 5mg
OD Anaemia and Malaria
Furosemide PO Neonate: 0.5-2 mg/kg OD-BD
Infant or Child 0.5-2 mg/kg BD/TDS, higher doses may be required in resistant oedema
maximum 12 mg/kg (80 mg)
Oedema in heart failure
IV Neonate: 0.5-1 mg/kg every 12-24 hours
Infant or Child: 0.5-1 mg/kg (maximum 4 mg/kg) repeated every 8 hours as necessary
Infant or Child: 2-5 mg/kg (maximum 250 mg) up to four times daily Oliguric renal failure
Gentamicin IV or IM Neonate: 5 mg/kg
Older child: 7.5 mg/kg
OD Oto- and nephrotoxicity
Griseofulvin PO 10 mg/kg OD For 6 weeks for tinea capitis
Hydralazine PO 0.5 mg/kg (max 7,5 mg/kg/day) 2-3 Hypertension
IV 0.1-0,5 mg/kg (max 60 mg/day) 4-6
Hydrochlorthiazide PO 1-3 mg/kg/day divided into 1-2 doses Hypertension
Hydrocortisone IV 4mg/kg stat, then 2-4mg/kg QID
Ibuprofen PO 10 mg/kg (max 500mg/day) 3-4
Isoniazid PO Isoniazid preventive therapy
Ketoconazole PO 15-30kg:100 mg
>30kg: 200 mg
OD Dont give to children on Niverapine
Lisinopril PO 70 microgram/kg OD (max 600 microgram/kg/day)
Lumefantrine-Artemether (LA) PO 5-15kg: 1Tbl
15-25kg: 2Tbl
25-35kg: 3Tbl
>35kg: 4Tbl
BD Dose at 0, 8 hours, then BD day 2 and 3
NB: adult tablets available, check dosing!
Magnesium-sulfate IV 40 mg/kg (diluted to at least 10 %) over 20 min. STAT see severe acute asthma for preparation
Mebendazole PO 100 mg BD For 3 days
Alternative to Albendazole
Metronidazole PO/IV 7.5 mg/kg TDS e.g. for amoebiasis and intra-abdominal infections
Side effects include headache, nausea and metalic taste
Morphine PO < 1yr: 0.1mg/kg
> 1 yr: 0.2mg/kg
6 Dose can be adjusted depending on response Pain
Nevirapine oral <2500g: 1 ml syrup
>2500g: 1.5 ml syrup
OD For six weeks in HIV exposed neonates
Nifedipine PO 0.25 mg/kg 3-4 (max 2 mg/kg/day) in Hypertension. Tablets are 5 mg.
Nystatin PO 100,000u (=1ml) QID Oral candidiasis
Omeprazole PO 1 mg/kg OD Tablets are 20 mg
Give if patient takes long course of steroids or NSAID
Paracetamol PO/PR 10-20 mg/kg QID (500 mg tablets, or 125mg/5ml syrup)
Paraldehyde IM 0.2mls/kg STAT Convulsion
PR 0.4mls/kg
Penicillin V PO 1m-1yr: 62.5 mg
1-6yr: 125 mg
6-12yr: 250 mg
12-18yr: 500 mg
Pethidine IM 1 mg/kg (max 100mg) PRN Alternative to morphine, frequency needs adjustment to response Pain
Phenobarbitone IM Loading dose: 10-20 mg/kg
Maintenance dose: 2.5-5 mg/kg
nocte-BD Convulsion and Epilepsy
Phenytoin IV Loading dose: 18mg/kg
Maintenance dose: 2.5 - 5 mg/kg
BD Needs specific dilution and administration. Consult senior + BNF
Potassium (Slow K) PO 2-4 mmol/kg/day divided in 3-4 doses Slow K tabs contain 8 mmol K each Hypokalemia for IV dosage
Praziquantel PO 40 mg/kg STAT Give at night, 600mg tablets
Prednisolone PO 1 - 2 mg/kg (max 40 mg) OD Give for 3 days in Asthma. Also used in Nephrotic syndrome
Promethazine PO Allergy (2nd choice): 0.125 mg/kg/dose (max 12.5 mg) daytime/ 0.5 mg/kg/dose (max 25 mg) bedtime
PRN to QID Only ≥2 y. Multiple possible side effects: bradycardia, hyper/hypotension, agitation, ataxia, catatonia, confusion, ...
PO, IV, IM, rectal Nausea and vomiting: 0.25 to 1 mg/kg/dose, max 25 mg
Propranolol PO 1-5 mg/kg/day divided into 3 doses TDS Hypertension, to prevent 'spells' in Tetralogy of Fallot
Salbutamol NEB <5yrs: 2.5mg
>5yrs: 5mg (acute severe asthma)
Repeat every 15 minutes if needed Asthma
Inhaler 100 mcg (2-10 puffs)
Spironolactone PO 0.5-3.3 mg/kg/day in divided doses 1-2 Potassium sparing diuretic
Sulfadoxine/ Pyrimethamine (Fansidar) PO 3-6 kg: ¼ tab
6-10 kg: ½ tab
10-15 kg: ¾ tab
15-20 kg: 1 tab
20-29 kg: 1½tab
Valproate (Sodium) PO Neonate: initially 20 mg/kg OD. Maintenance dose 10 mg/kg BD
Infant or Child: initially 5-7.5 mg/kg BD (max 600 mg/day). Maintenance dose 10-15 mg/kg BD
BD Needs tapering in and out
Vitamin A PO <6m: 50,000u
6-12m: 100,000u
>12 m: 200,000u
OD Give for 2 days in measles.
If eye signs of Vit A deficiency or malnutrition, give 3rd dose 2-4 weeks after 2nd dose
Vitamin K IM preterm: 0.5 mg
term: 1 mg
STAT at birth
slowly IV Neonatal Vit K deficiency bleeding 1 mg STAT to TDS
Vit K deficiency bleeding older child 1-10 mg
X-Penicillin IV 50000 IU/kg in Sepsis, Pneumonia etc.
100000 IU/kg in Meningitis
Zinc PO < 6m: 1/2 tablet (10 mg) per day for 10 days
> 6m: 1 tablet (20 mg) per day for 10 days
OD Gastroenteritis